Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Weekend in Lausanne

Team Screens 'N' Spokes (well, just Sam and Jess) took a short trip to see these cyclists in Lausanne, Switzerland. Ok, not just to see them...Jess is working in Geneva for the summer and we spent the weekend in Lausanne for her birthday.

If you ever get the chance to get out here, definitely head to the Olympic Museum! It's awesome, totally up to date with lots of interactive stuff and tickets/medals/equipment/uniforms from all of the games.

We planned on riding around Lake Geneva in free bikes from Geneve Roule/Lausanne Roule...but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. All the reason to plan another trip?

I hope the weather stateside has been ok - I've heard it's been cold! It's time to get that bike out and start riding into summer...the preparations for SNS 2010 are well underway!

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