Friday, May 28, 2010

Ride Together

As we began to plan for Screens 'N' Spokes 2010 (our 4th year running), I wanted to introduce something new to the mix, something to change things up a bit. At the same time, I didn't want to mess with the formula too much.

I had a few faint thoughts floating around, tandem bicycles, teamwork, quotes from Lost (yes that Lost), when it hit me: Collaboration. I had long admired some really great collaborations between some of my personal favorite artists like Aaron Horkey and Emek, and the entire Decoder Ring Fine Art Print series. Collaborations can take the art in new directions, or bring out the finest in an artists' particular style.

So when Jess and I sent out our invitations this year, we gave artists the option, they could work alone, or, if the wanted, give the tandem bike a spin and collaborate with someone else.

Of course, not long after we announced our collaborative efforts, two awesome things were apeared. First was the incredibly exciting collaboration between Jay Ryan (Screens 'N' Spokes superstar) and the incredibly talented Aaron Horkey. The best part? They documented the entire print making process in painstaking detail (which can be seen here, skip over most of the comments though...). The final piece? A triumph of screen printing (25 screens!!!) and two distinct illustration styles coming together in a print aptly titled "Versus."

And then? Diana Sudyka (returning to Screens 'N' Spokes this year!) decided to give Jay a run for his money, joining the Decoder Ring for their latest fine art print. The art of "Taiga" is all Diana's, but it's been painstakingly printed by the DRDC wizards.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to seeing what Screens 'N' Spokes artists will come up with this year. As previously announced, Jay Ryan will continue his highly collaborative year, working on a piece with the awesome Dan McCarthy. Officemates, and past S'N'S participants, Dan Judge and Kevin Mercer will be working together (after hours I hope). The ever growing Half and Half will be collaborate amongst themselves, and may work with one of our favorite West Coast artists. And that's just to name a few, not to mention the return of awesome, and awesomely talented, folks like Judge, Mat Daly, Cricket Press and strawberryluna, and new S'N'S friends like landland, Justin Helton, and Adam Turman, to name just a few.

Can you tell I'm excited?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Weekend in Lausanne

Team Screens 'N' Spokes (well, just Sam and Jess) took a short trip to see these cyclists in Lausanne, Switzerland. Ok, not just to see them...Jess is working in Geneva for the summer and we spent the weekend in Lausanne for her birthday.

If you ever get the chance to get out here, definitely head to the Olympic Museum! It's awesome, totally up to date with lots of interactive stuff and tickets/medals/equipment/uniforms from all of the games.

We planned on riding around Lake Geneva in free bikes from Geneve Roule/Lausanne Roule...but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. All the reason to plan another trip?

I hope the weather stateside has been ok - I've heard it's been cold! It's time to get that bike out and start riding into summer...the preparations for SNS 2010 are well underway!