Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Screens 'N' Spokes 2009 Prints now available!

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to make it out for the Screens 'N' Spokes opening last Thursday. Sadly I was stuck in North Carolina, but Jess held down the fort and by all accounts it was a great success and a lot of fun.

I also wanted to let you know that... Screens 'N' Spokes 2009 Prints are now Available Online!

All your favorites are up on our Etsy store now: screensnspokes.etsy.com

If for some reason you do not see the print you're interested in, check back (or shoot us an email). We don't add all of our inventory at once to Etsy, so if you don't see a particular print it's likely we'll be adding more to the store shortly.

Thanks again for the continued support. It's time for us to buckle down on our bike training. If anyone is interested in joining us on the road, please get in touch)!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Screens 'N' Spokes Opens Tonight!

Thurs., Aug. 6 at 7pm
Join us for wine, beer, snacks and art!
Mugshots CoffeeHouse (Fairmount)
2100 Fairmount Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19130
P: 267.514.7145

Stop by and say hi!

2009 Preferred Buyers and Initial Price List

We are bringing back the Preferred Buyer option again this year. The Preferred Buyer allows you to jump the queue to purchase SNS prints - a small donation will allow you to reserve your prints with us. Preferred Buyer status can be attained with a $50 tax-deductible donation to the Screens 'N' Spokes team. Please note that this donation is additional to the cost of purchasing your print(s).

As a Screens 'N' Spokes 2009 Preferred Buyer, you are eligible to purchase one (1) copy of each of the Screens 'N' Spokes prints before they go on sale to the general public.

If you are interested, please make your donation on our Bike MS page and print selections (via e-mail at screensnspokes@gmail.com) by Monday, Aug. 10.

Again, the Preferred Buyer status is a donation that is additional to the cost of your prints. To decide if Preferred Buyer is right for you, below is the initial price list for all 2009 prints.

Jay Ryan - $65
Marq Spusta - $40
Jon Smith - $40
DRDC - $40
Greg Pizzoli - $30
John Vogl - $30
Mat Daly - $30
Mike Budai - $30
Hero Design - $25
Leia Bell - $25
Nate Duval - $25
Silent Giants - $20
Dan Judge - $20
The Half and Half - $20

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Jay Ryan

OK, boys and girls. Now let me unveil the print some of you may have been waiting for...

Behold the 2009 Screens 'N' Spokes-exclusive Jay Ryan print! Complete with a human!

Like Leia Bell, Dr. Pizzoli, and The Half and Half, Jay is a 3-year SNS veteran. Each year he has done a terrific job capturing the spirit of our team, through a menagerie of creatures great and small.

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Marq Spusta

Marq Spusta's artwork and characters can be found on everything from children's books to doom metal records. Recent gigs in the music world include work for The Black Crowes and Tom Petty.

Oh yea, and next time you're enjoying a cold one from Dogfish Head, check the label - you might find some Spusta artwork right there in your hand.

Marq currently lives and works in Three Rivers, CA, which is the gateway to Sequoia National Park. We have a few special sky blue versions of this print available...be on the lookout for word from Sam on how you might be able to get one.

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Dr. Pizzoli

Philadelphia's own Greg Pizzoli returns for his third Screens 'N' Spokes print, this time with an antique letterpress technique using wood type.

Greg is a recent graduate of the MFA program in Book Arts and Printmaking at Philly's University of the Arts. His prints are always hyper-colorful, and wild. This one looks smart in a thick cherry wood frame.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Mat Daly

We met Mat for the first time in person at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn back in June, and he promised he'd cook up something special for Screens 'N' Spokes... I must say, he did not fail to deliver.

With a visual style informed as much by impressionism and japanese block printing as by a fascination with the way digital images break into blocks of color as you zoom in, Mat's work explores the visual re-creation of memories, mostly of natural spaces and landscapes.

Now are those treetops, or the lines on the road after you've been riding hills for 3+ hours??

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Jon Smith

Jon Smith, Seattle, WA. 26, male, single, Scorpio. Looks like Seth Rogen in Observe and Report but with a beard. Making posters since...2005? Maybe 2004. Posters is all he does, he works part time at D&L Screenprinting and the rest of his time is designing posters that get printed at D&L Screenprinting. He fears he will die alone.

Let's not speculate too much on Jon's hopes and fears, however - what we do know is that his prints will live on in the archives of gigposters.com. His Screens 'N' Spokes print, a playful homage to a Rob Jones Raconteurs print, makes me wish I could ride bikes in the time of the Industrial Revolution. Check out Jon's inspiration, and a bit about his creative process, here at his blog.

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Hero Design Studio

My favorite part about Hero's design this year are those hands! The heart is gripping on for dear life! And yet it's expression is calm and complacent...certainly does not resemble me on a bike...I am gripping on tight and my face is equally stressed at almost all times! ;)

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Dan Judge

Dan Judge did a print for this year's Beans 'N' Screens show, and has been an enthusiastic local supporter of Screens 'N' Spokes. We're excited to have him on board this year in our roster.

Dan's print is AWESOME because it shows the beautiful skyline of Philadelphia as well as the GRUESOME bridge at the end of the City to Shore ride, just as you start to see Ocean City in the horizon and can smell the salty breeze, BLAM! Bridge time, x2...

Here's a bio of the artist, in case you were curious...Dan Judge is the product of an ex-nun, army drill sergeant and the Jersey shore. After years of misadventure with little direction, he decided to pick up a pencil and start drawing at the age of twenty. Since then he's spent too many late nights designing and printing all manner of art and ephemera for some very cool people. He currently lives and works in Philadelphia with his lovely wife and two trouble-making dachshunds.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Mike Budai

This one's my brother Craig's favorite! It looks amazing in a black frame.

Here is an artist statement for you: Mike Budai has art supplies, fancies himself a screenprinter, and lives in Pittsburgh, Pa. He doesn't really sleep a whole lot, drinks way too much coffee, and wastes what little free time he has buying records to add to his already way too large collection. He's made posters for such internationally popular rock bands as U.S. Maple, Bottomless Pit and eternal Top 40 favorites The Chinese Stars. He also just re-artworkatized a '68 Williams Doozie pinball machine, which came out really sweet.

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Nate Duval

Nate Duval returns to the SNS roster (he took a hiatus last year) with an octopus on a bike. That's right, an octopus on a bike. No cats this time around...who said octopi were not cuddly?

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: The Silent Giants

The Silent Giants are mysterious fellas indeed. They hail from Michigan, and that's about all I know about them. Oh yea, they've recently done prints for Modest Mouse, Tokyo Police Club, and Bright Eyes.

Hopefully Sam can fill us in on more details...in the meantime, enjoy the print and check out that hand model!