Monday, August 3, 2009

Screens 'N' Spokes '09: Jon Smith

Jon Smith, Seattle, WA. 26, male, single, Scorpio. Looks like Seth Rogen in Observe and Report but with a beard. Making posters since...2005? Maybe 2004. Posters is all he does, he works part time at D&L Screenprinting and the rest of his time is designing posters that get printed at D&L Screenprinting. He fears he will die alone.

Let's not speculate too much on Jon's hopes and fears, however - what we do know is that his prints will live on in the archives of His Screens 'N' Spokes print, a playful homage to a Rob Jones Raconteurs print, makes me wish I could ride bikes in the time of the Industrial Revolution. Check out Jon's inspiration, and a bit about his creative process, here at his blog.

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