Sunday, March 14, 2010

SNS featured on ShopDomestica

Screens 'N' Spokes and other bike-themed art has been featured on the blog from the ladies at ShopDomestica, a new venture from Des Moines, Iowa. ShopDomestica is focused on super cool home and personal accessories - valuable pieces to spruce up your nest and adorn your bod.

Domestica's goal is to promote the value of handmade craftmanship, planting the seed of great design that's kind to the environment, kind to the artist, and kind to your pocketbook. Sounds good to us!

Check it out here:


Domestica said...

Jay Ryan walked out the door with a very happy lady 20 minutes after we hung it =- sorry just now getting to the writing you that they came thing - it's been so nuts here the past few days!

Love everything - thinking I need a green trike poster for permanent residency here...

Jeslondon said...

We're so glad everything's working out! Readers, if you find yourselves in downtown Des Moines, check out ShopDomestica! Or just go to the site: