Thursday, July 24, 2008

Screens 'N' Spokes: Brad Klausen

Brad Klausen - Seattle, Washington

Many people will be familiar with Brad's consistently amazing work for Pearl Jam. The level of thought he puts into his pieces is always apparent, even if you don't actually hear the process from the artist himself, but in this case I'll let Brad's words tell the story:

Originally i was going to do a poster involving a bike or two...but then in an email you wrote "MS stops people from moving. We exist to make sure it doesn't"

And that struck a cord with me...movement..

My poster depicts the Hindu deity Ganesh, who has many being that he is the remover of obstacles. If MS stops people from moving, then that is an obstacle in their life, something impeding their movement. The bike ride and poster show helps raise money to make sure MS does not stop them from moving. You are helping remove the obstacles that stand in their way. In my portrait of Ganesh i have him holding a wheel in his left hand...the symbol of movement and progress as well as the obvious symbol of the bike. In his right hand is a white orb or sphere, this represents consciousness...a ball of light if you will. Consciousness is the light of the universe, that which connects all things...through putting on this event and gathering artists to create art and the gathering of people who will attend the show, you have connected many minds to focus on helping others with MS...hopefully that collection of thought, of consciousness, will help generate the healing power of the light of the universe.

Behind Ganesh he is holding a crop circle design that appeared at Gog Magog Hills in Cambridge, England in July of 2001. This particular crop circle is known as "The Angel". Now the general public tends to not pay much attention to crop circles, and scoff at them saying they are man made...and a percentage of them are in fact man made. But as one researcher said, anyone who has read a book about crop circles, been to a lecture, watched a dvd, or actually been in a crop circle knows that there is something much larger taking place. No one knows for sure why they are here or what they are communicating or how they were made...but everyone involved with them, with studying them and being around them, speaks of how there is tremendous energy within them...some researchers believe they are messages of love being sent from the consciousness of the universe. The main form of communication is through unbelievable geometric patterns, mainly expressed through circles...again, this comes into play with the bike race....the power of the circle, of the heal, to enlighten.

With this piece i wanted to convey ideas of healing, progress and love...


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Anonymous said...

Hi, there any chance to buy this poster online?



Screens 'N' Spokes said...

Hey Papermoon,

There will certainly be a chance to buy this print online.

Our preferred buyers will have first crack at these. Then they will be available at our opening night parties in Philadelphia. After that, around September 15th, the prints we have remaining will be available online.

We'll update the blog as these details are solidified.

Thanks for the interest!

"The Bullboard" said...

Is the party open to anyone?

Would love to come down from NYC to buy a few prints and support the cause...

Jeslondon said...

Hey Bullboard,

The party is definitely open to everyone. The show's being hosted at three venues in Philadelphia, so there will be three opening nights for you to choose from.

Our opening night parties will be the first time our prints will be available to the public before they're put online.

Hope you can make it!

Anonymous said...

What does "preferred buyers" mean. Sounds somewhat 'click-ish' to me? I love collecting prints. I love this piece and I would like to help donate to a cause such as this.

So.... Back to the preferred buyers idea? I still wonder who qualifies for that???? I hope everyone is a preferred buyer. Otherwise I don't think we have moved passed generation X style high school cool kid crowd. :(

Screens 'N' Spokes said...

Full details on our preferred buyers can be found here:

While it may sound like a gen-x click, it's actually for folks who want to take the extra step and make an additional $100 donation to the MS Society. For that donation they get first dibs to purchase any and all Screens 'N' Spokes prints.