Monday, September 10, 2007

Posters available on Etsy!

All the beautiful Screens 'N' Spokes posters will be available at our online Etsy shop, easily found at:

Or, you can click on the thumbnails to the right on the mini-Etsy bar. All the posters will be updated throughout the week. Great offerings are currently available from Leia Bell, Nate Duval, and strawberryluna.

Stop by the shop and buy a poster for your wall, better yet, buy two for you and one for a friend! All proceeds to benefit the National MS Society.

Due to the team's training schedule for the MS150 City to Shore, please allow 4-6 weeks for poster delivery (but we'll try to get it there sooner).

Thanks for your support, and please tell your friends about us !


Simply Wired said...

Wonderful idea, and great designs! I noticed your schedule and that your opening night was in Fairmount. My brother lives on 26th...I know exactly where Mugshots is! We're in a band together and we play in the Fairmount area sometimes. Best of luck on your ride next weekend!

Screens 'N' Spokes said...

Thanks a lot Chelsea. I don't know if you have had the time, but you should check the show out at Mugshots, with will be up through sunday.

And if any poster in particular stands out, check out our etsy shop: