Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Artist News: Philly Punk Rock Flea Market

From time to time we'll be posting info about Screens 'N' Spokes artists and related news.

This Saturday July 21st 10a-5p, R5 productions will be hosting their bi-annual Punk Rock Flea Market at the Starlight Ballroom. Screens 'N' Spokes Artist Greg Pizzoli will be there selling shirts, posters, buttons and the like. He'll also be handing out flyers for the Screens 'N' Spokes show. If you're in Philly tomorrow you should check it out:

"THE SEMI-ANNUAL PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET - SUMMER EDITION ! It's that time again for the semi-annual (twice a year) PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET. Our most popular reoccurring event/show/whatever (by far) - After over 2500 visitors (!) and 100 tables of vendors at the last one, we have decided to keep the flea market at the new venue, to comfortably accommodate all the visitors and sellers. Now with a brand new air conditioning system !

All proceeds raised will goto the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies to ensure that all ages shows continue to remain a reality at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia - mainly the remaining payment for our new liability insurance policy. Do not let the name lead you to believe that it's just
punk records, clothes etc. - it's a full on flea market with everything from furniture, to laptops / computers , to stereo equipment, to handmade apparel, to vegan treats, information from various non profit groups, book stores, artists selling their work, bicycles & skateboards and whatever else we can fit onto the ballroom floor at The Starlight Ballroom.

In addition to the normal flea market stuff there will also be a full bar and food service kitchen to make the day go by a little faster."

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